Avala Excursion, May 18, 2022

Avala Excursion, May 18, 2022

Avala is a mountain near Belgrade and it provides an amazing panoramic view of the city, as well as of Vojvodina and Sumadija. It stands at 511 meters above sea level.

This beautiful area is a low type of the Pannonian island mountain. Until 600.000 years ago, when the surrounding low areas were flooded by the Pannonian Sea, Avala was an island.

There was mining active on the mountain at 3000 BC. Glory Avala is famous because of the mineral avalite that was found here. A greenish mineral, chromian, magnesian or potassic alumosilicate was discovered by Serbian chemist Sima Lozanic who established its formula.

The mountain has been protected since 1859 as a natural monument. In modern age, plans for mountain preservations were made in 2007 and that way Avala entered a circle of protected green areas of Belgrade. Those protected areas of Avala spread over 48,913 hectares. Some of them are additionally protected. The complex of mountain beech, oak, maple and elm have the first level of protection.

The greatest wealth of Avala today is the flora, fauna and clean air. There are over 600 plant species on the mountain. Some of them are protected by the law as natural rarities, like certain types of laburnum, box tree, black broom, common holly and martagon lily. This area is also abundant in medical herbs, like the early-purple orchid and belladonna.

Almost 70% of this great mountain is forested. High woods mostly consist of durmast oak, Turkey oak, hornbeam, beech, linden, black pine and black locust.

Animal life is also very rich in Avala. Almost 100 species of birds live here, including strictly protected Eurasian sparrow hawk, European honey buzzard and European green woodpecker. One section of the mountain is organized as a game hunting ground.

Avala is not very popular only because it is only 30 minutes away from the Serbia’s capital, but also because of numerous landmarks. This area is great for recreations, taking a walk, hiking (hiking trail "Sakinac"), or just relaxing and enjoying clear and fresh air.

When it comes to mountain’s attractions, The Avala tower is a jewel of this mountain. This tower originally served as a TV transmitter. It was demolished in the NATO bombing in 1999 and was renewed in 2010.

Its height is 205 meters and only the elevator can come to the top, passing thought 38 floors. From this point, the view is always incredible, especially during the spring and summer months. Also, you can sit in the restaurant at the top of the tower and enjoy in an amazing sight. For sure, this will distract your thoughts from everyday problems.

Within the tower complex there is equipped children’s playground, a multifunctional sports field and open-air fitness equipment. For the curious ones, there is a museum exhibit of cordless phones.

When visiting Avala, make sure that you also see Suplja Stena, a former popular children's resort, located on the mountain's wind rose.

Special attraction on Avala is a monument to the Unknown Hero that is dedicated to the unknown Serbian soldier from World War I, as well as monument to the Soviet war veterans that is dedicated to the members of the Soviet military delegation which lost their lives in an airplane crash on the Avala in 1964.

If you enjoy extreme sports, such as orienteering, climbing, mountain biking, or mountain running, don’t forget to visit mountaineering camps Carapicev brest and Mitrovicev dom.

The magnificent Avala gives great comfort and an opportunity to recreate. It provides the pleasure that should not be avoided. If you want to rest and refresh, this mountain is the right place for you.