Parallel sessions Number 4

May 20, 2022

08:30 - 11:00

Parallel sessions Number 4

Congress hall

Theme: Communicating the Urban Forest

Prof Dr Alan Simson

  • Clémence Dirac and Laura Ramstein – Trees management: Switzerland wants to create synergies between urban areas and forests
  • Johan Östberg and Gustav Nässlander – How to organize, market and get acceptance for a large-scale tree planting campaign in a public housing area?
  • Barbara Darr and Oliver Balke – The role of foresters in urban forests
  • Robert Hostnik, Boštjan Hren – Communicating the Urban Forest: An Inside Narrative
  • Martina Kičić, Ana Marija Marin, Dijana Vuletić, Silvija Krajter Ostoić – Co-creation of new knowledge through exploring perception and use of cultural ecosystem services of urban green infrastructure in the city of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Roddy Shaw – Tree Cities of the World: a framework for progress, policy and professionalism
  • Stefanie Steinebach – Do you have to turn the forest into money?