Parallel sessions Number 5

May 20, 2022

08:30 - 11:00

Parallel sessions Number 5

Meeting Room First Floor

Theme: Climate and sustainability

Dr Rik De Vreese

  • Eleonora Franceschi, Martin Honold, Astrid Moser-Reischl, Mohammad A Rahman, Stephan Pauleit, Hans Pretzsch and Thomas Rötzer – Influence of urban environment and climate change on tree growth of common urban tree species in Munich, Germany
  • Marija Cvetinović, Nataša Đokić, Mirjana Utvić and Tanja Adnađević – Urban forest, a crucial element in climate change adaptation in cities – Belgrade case study
  • Andrea Gion Saluz, Axel Heinrich, Tal Hertig and Stefan Stevanovic – Climate Species Lists – A combination of Methods for Urban Areas
  • Dominik Kopeć, Łukasz Sławik, Alicja Gadawska and Martyna Wietecha – Remote sensing as a tool supporting urban greenery management from the continental to the city scale
  • Konstantina Koulouri, Carlotta Conte, Bulent Ozel, Marko Petrovic, Oguzhan Yayla, Axel Nilsson and Gurden Batra – Trees as Infrastructure (TreesAI) A platform to value and invest in Nature: Carbon and beyond.
  • Mohammad A Rahman, Eleonora Franceschi, Astrid Moser-Reischl, Thomas Rötzer and Stephan Pauleit – Influence of Urban Green spaces in reducing thermal heat load across spatial and temporal gradient
  • Paolo Viskanic, Gianluca Antonacci, Francesco Ferrini, Alessio Fini, Alice Pasquinelli and Piotr Wezyk – LIFE URBANGREEN: efficient urban green management tools for adaptation to climate change