Poster -Lightning talks

May 19, 2022

10:00 - 10:30

Poster -Lightning talks

Congress hall

Moderator: Prof Dr Cecil Konijnendijk

  • Vladan Popović, Aleksandar Lučić, Ljubinko Rakonjac and Sanja Jovanović – Genetic diversity of sessile oak from the AONB ‘Avala’ area estimated on the basis of acorn morphological traits
  • Jerylee Wilkes-Allemann and Rolf Arnold – Trends in Outdoor Recreation – Challenges and Opportunities for Urban Forestry
  • Susanne Raum, Monika Egerer and Stephan Pauleit – Urban tree insect pests and pathogens: a systematic review of impacts and emerging risks in a changing climate
  • Alessandro Paletto, Claudia Becagli and Isabella De Meo – How can the principles of circular economy be implemented in urban green spaces?
  • Marlène Boura – Advantages and limits of urban afforestation strategies for urban wildlife
  • Ana Marija Marin, Martina Kičić, Dijana Vuletić and Silvija Krajter Ostoić – Perception of urban green space in Croatia
  • Lotte Dijkstra and Gerdy Verschuure-Stui – What makes a Tree Avenue? design, planning, management and policymaking around tree avenues
  • Klemen Strmšnik, Matjaž Harmel, Matevž Premelč, Luka Sešel and Maja Bovcon – Developing Urban and Peri-urban Forests Planning and Management Guidelines through a transnational project – What have we learned and what can we share with other cities?
  • Rik De Vreese and Natalie M. Gulsrud – The NATURA network – a network of networks in Nature-based solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene
  • Ljiljana Brasanac-Bosanac, Tatjana Cirkovic-Mitrovic, Nevena Cule, Aleksandar Lucic – Policies, measures and instruments for implementation of planning solutions relating to urban forests in Serbia